Are There Any Fruits That Fish Eat?

Fruits packs with different flavors, antioxidants, and healthy goodness. Because of that, you always say to your children, “if you want to grow up quickly, you have to eat fruits.” So, this theory can be applied to your fish too.  Let’s dive deep with the fish to see their feeding behaviors. Are there any fruits that fish eat?...

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Is It Ok to Eat Banana with Black Spots?

Banana is a delicious fruit with different color outer skins. It is rich in vitamin c, potassium, and other important nutrients. Generally, when bananas ripen this outer skin converts into a yellow, yellow mix light green color. But sometimes you can see the black spots on ripe bananas. Keep reading to know more information about the black and...

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Blood Orange vs Navel Orange

Orange is a fruit that belongs to the Rutaceae family. Preliminary it is named Citrus x Sinensis or sweet orange. Blood Orange and Navel Orange are the two varieties that belong to the orange family. If you want to show your love to your family members, the best gifts are healthy Navel Orange and Blood orange. Through this article, you...

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What are the sweetest cherry varieties?

Cherry is like a bride in the fruit world. Among those cherry varieties, the sweetest cherry varieties are at the top of the list of fruit lovers. The sweetest cherry varieties are Bing Cherries, Chelan Cherries, Lapins Cherries, Rainer Cherries, Tulare Cherries, Lambert Cherries. Also, there are more sweetest cherry varieties such as Angela Cherries, Black Russian Cherries,...

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White Guava Vs Pink Guava 

There are several types of Guava all around the world. White guava or Tropical white guava, Pink guava, Yellow guava or Yellow strawberry guava, and Lemon guava are some of them. However, white guava and pink guava are the most popular types among fruit lovers when considering all these types. What is the difference between White guava and...

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Do Pineapples Have Seeds?

Most people do not realize it, but pineapple actually has seeds. Normally all fruits have seeds and seeds are the first and main one help to grow the trees and plants. Therefore, pineapple is not different from this growing process. Pineapple seeds look like small black or brown flecks it is almost the same as flaxseeds. The seeds...

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Is Cherimoya same as Soursop?

Cherimoya and Soursop are two different tropical fruits that belong to the same family called Annonaceae. The flavor, texture, and appearance of these fruits are slightly different from one another. Further, Cherimoya is a smaller fruit than Soursop and it does not have a spiny dark green outer layer like Soursop. Therefore, Cherimoya is not the same as Soursop. Here let's...

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Fruits that start with the letter Z

When compared with the other letters of the English alphabet fewer words are starting with the letter ‘z’. So it is very difficult to find the words that begin with the letter ‘z’. These are the fruits starting with the letter ‘z’ 1.zinfandel grapes 2.zucchini 3.Zigzag vine 4.zhe fruit 5 zapote fruit   Here are some more details...

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