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Can We Freeze Soursop Fruit At Home?

Although not as popular as apple and mango, Soursop fruit is a pack of many health benefits. Ripen Soursop fruit is soft and delicious, but it is a tropical fruit that is native to the American tropics. Soursop fruit is known by several names. Have you ever heard of fruit by these names? Custard apple, Brazilian paw paw,...

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What Are Lemon Leaves Good For?

Lemon is a popular fruit, and it is the most common member of any garden. Because many people consider lemon tree is as a traditional doctor. So, today you are going to know the exciting things about lemon leaves. Further reading will guide you on how to comfort your day-to-day life with lemon leaves. What are lemon leaves...

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How Do You Eat Breadfruit?

Breadfruit, (Artocarpus altilis), tree of the family Mulberry (Moraceae), and its large fruits which are a basic food of the South Pacific and other tropical areas. Breadfruit is rarely eaten raw since it contains a lot of starch. Roasted, baked, boiled, fried, or dried and crushed into flour are all options. The fibrous inner bark is used to...

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How To Choose Good Cherimoya

Cherimoya or custard apple (Annona cherimola) is a warty green tropical fruit. It is rough exterior skin hides delicious creamy flesh. But some people confuse when selecting cherimoya. Hence this article will help you to choose good cherimoya fruit from the market. How to choose good cherimoya To choose good cherimoya fruit, you should squeeze it genteelly in...

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