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How to Protect Watermelon from Animal

Watermelon is a popular fruit among people worldwide. So, do you think that only humans love to eat watermelons? Farmers and growers know how challenging it is to protect their watermelons from wildlife. Watermelon has a mouth-watering sweet flavor. So, it is not to wonder that animals attract to this fruit. On the other hand, watermelon grows around....

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How Do You Store Cut Watermelons?

Sun’s season is summer. Though many ones love summer sunshine, we need the best snack to enjoy it. When it turns to summer snacks, watermelon is at the top of the list because its delicious flesh has the ability to disappear tiredness. Simply watermelon gives supper a fresh feeling to both the mind and body. So, how do...

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How To Preserve Fresh Banana Leaves

Banana leaves are the traditional part of Asian, Hispanic cuisines, and Caribbean cultures. The green color fresh banana leaves have a special ability to add mouthwatering flavor to cooked rice. Also, its greenish look adds a colorful setting to the serving plate. Therefore, people love to eat food that are wrapped with banana leaves. Due to its biodegradable...

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How To Eat Papaya For Constipation?

Papaya or Papaw is one of the famous summer fruits. Many fruit fans love this tropical fruit due to its delicious and unique flavor. Does papaya just only have its wonderful taste? Actually, its taste is an extra blessing, but the main thing is the pack of health benefits of papaya fruit. Its valuable health benefits cannot be...

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Does Soursop Juice Go Bad?

Soursop is a healthy and tasty fruit, and most people love to drink soursop as a juice. However, every fruity thing gets rotten after a certain time and gives an off smell and off-flavor. Therefore before you eat soursop juice, you should ensure its quality. But how do you know when soursop juice goes bad? Further reading will...

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