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How to use coconut shells in the garden

All things existing in this nature have at least one extra usage except their main one. The coconut tree is the best-ever example of my point because there are hundreds of uses apart from drinking coconut water and eating flesh. So, what do you do to the coconut shell after eating coconut flesh? If you are pretty smart,...

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What Fruits Should Not Be Refrigerated?

Storing your fruits in the right place and the right way is essential. Because both these factors highly affect the lifespan of the fruits. But storing methods can be differed for each fruit due to their nature. So, where do you store your fruits commonly? 100% Sure, almost all the people are used to putting anything you bring...

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How Do I Juice Papaya Without a Juicer?

Fruit juice has the ability to boost our body and mind. That’s why many people tend to add fruit juice for breakfast. There is no doubt that papaya juice mainly plays the main role on your breakfast table; especially women love papaya because this fruit is the leading partner in their health and beauty. So, how do you...

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How Do You Pick the Best Durian?

Are you trouble to pick the best durian fruit? If you have an experience eating a durian that is too watery or unripe or sour, sometimes it was one of the most terrible incidents of your life. Because all durian lovers have a mad desire to eat durians. Actually, it is not a fruit. It is more than...

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How to Pick Good Kiwi Fruit

Even though kiwi or gooseberry grows wild in China, people know this fruit as soon as they hear the name “kiwi.” Although this fruit is not named as a super fruit, it comes with many essential nutrients, including vitamins. Because of that, kiwi is one of the common fruits that is available in the market worldwide. But do...

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How Do You Pick the Best Soursop?

Although the name soursop and its appearance are odd, the taste and the nutrition behind this outer skin are priceless. That’s why people who know its value love to eat this fruit. This tropical fruit comes with a sweet flavor even though its name is soursop. But you can experience this tasty flavor if you only pick an...

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How to Use Banana Leaves in an Aquarium

If you are familiar with the aquarium world, Definity, you already know catappa leaves. So, banana leaves are also beneficial in aquariums as catappa, and both come up with similar properties. If you are a beginner or new to the aquarium world, you may have a question mark on the role of banana leaves in aquariums, right? Do...

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The Best Way To Store Durian Fruit

Durian is a seasonal fruit. Almost all the people are waiting for this season because many people love to eat this fruit madly. Consequently, during the durian season, they tend to buy or pick a large number of durians that they cannot eat at once. In this kind of situation, how should you store them for the future?...

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How Do You Keep Guava Fresh Longer?

In general, fruits contribute to a significant portion of your diet every day. The main reason is fruits have thousands of nutrients that can keep your body healthy. Guava is also of valuable fruit that has the ability to boost the cells of the tongue and your health. But most people have a problem keeping guava fresh longer...

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