Hello, I’m Tom Wilson. Here I share my experiences as well as the facts that I have collected from other peoples such as fruit farmers and sellers. And also here I  share the information that I have gathered through my researches regarding fruits.


when I was 19 years old my father told me to bring me a pineapple from the market, but at that time I didn’t know how to pick a good pineapple. Anyway, I went to the market and got a pineapple and came back home. Unfortunately, it eas not a good one. Then my father taught me how to pick a ripe pineapple.

After that, I read some articles regarding that on the internet. People tell different ideas about fruits with their experience. And I felt some interest in finding some stuff about nuts. now it is like a part of my life I love fruits

Most of us don’t know how to select fruits when we go to fruit stalls. Not only ripe fruits and also we choose unripe fruits for our recipes. If we fail to choose the right one, then we cant taste the real taste of that fruit. We all know that with our experience of eating different fruits. So let us learn how to pick good, delicious fruits.